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Welcome to the mirronotes blog

Hello there....

Welcome to my blog!


imma just dive right into it then.

I miss blogs. Like the zaman dulu blogs where everyone just rants about their life and puts it on the internet for everyone to read. Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok made the world focus more on videos and pics. Which isnt really my thing. Like I hardly even post pics of what I need to post for work let alone my private pics (which btw, takde pun because I selalu lupa ambek gambor - anyone else selalu lupa ambek gambo? #genglupaamekgambo)

I find that writing is easiest for me...and not GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT writing nobel prize winning journalism here 😆 just bahasa rojak writing! my kinda rojak! Got english, got malay, got manglish, got made up words dan sebagainya.

I will warn you now, there will be loads of grammatically incorrect sentences and typos because I sumpah malas nak edit2 bagai. What you see is what you get! (teringat my friend cerita kat I mak dia baca diary adik dia and corrects her sisters grammar in the diaryyy lmaoo)

Anyway, I will treat this blog like how I treated my old blogspot back when I was a teenager. very ~wHaTeVeR~. This is a very whatever blog. Dont expect such enlightening informative things.

So now that we got that outta the way. Lets focus on you. How are you? Whats been up and hows life? Do you still write in your blog? Do you still read other peoples blogs? I used to write for myself so I never used to care if anyone baca..I just enjoyed offloading everything onto somewhere.

Tapi I rasa macam blogging ni dah macam takde. Or is it just me yang tak tahu what blogs to read? Websites are totally different from blogs ok. A website is a website. A social media account is a social media account. a podcast is a podcast - BUT BLOGS LAIN!

Blogs boleh tulis mAcAm Ni and incorporate pics and memes utk support your statement.

I used to write in my blog ALL THE TIME. Literally, every day. I tak tahu pun if ada org baca ke tak, but I know got lah 2-3 loyal readers.....they contacted me on @mirronotes and told me they used to read my blog. LOOOOLLL memalukaaaaannnnnn. Because my blog zaman dulu is very astagrifullahalhazim.

I recently jumpa balik my old blogs...

and sumpah I rasa zaman dulu hidup I sangatlah colorful nak compare to now. Nowadays im so bOrIng~ zaman muda is like every day got new gossip 😂 Pergi sini sana buat itu ini SO HAPPENING!! Also sooooo feisty and mulut takde insurance.

I wanted to give you an excerpt of my longest ever blog which I kept for YEARSSSSS but I cant fraking accesssss itttt. I feel like crying. Ive tried everything.

One day, when the stars align I will share the blog again with yalls.

Anyway, I do have access to my OTHER blogs (I had like 10 LOL) Its not as juicy as my main blog, but still got juice la here and there 😋

Honestly I dont think i've changed that much 🤣

I literally still wake up at 12 and devour 2 nasi lemaks while watching TV.

And I still wish someone could take a dump for me 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

So anyway, welcome to my blog........

Be prepared for some unfiltered content ~

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